Schwarztee Nr. 1

Typischer Darjeeling Geschmack mit einem "Schuß" Muscatel
16,00 € / 500g
( Preis pro 1 kg 32,00 €)


One such project is “Subarna Small Farmers Tea Co-operative” in the neighbouring villages of Samabeong Tea Estate. It lies within the Gitdubling Gram Panchayat and Lava Gram Panchayat at Kalimpong sub-division of Darjeeling District. The project is situated at an altitude of 3,500 to 4,500ft (approximately). In this region, a farmer holds an average area of 5 – 10 acres and sometime supplements their income through casual labour. Only 40 – 50% of the total holding is cultivated and the rest of the land is used for growing bamboos, forest or left for grazing. The farmers practice terrace farming on steep slopes and are interested in growing agricultural produces like cardamom (big), ginger, maize, broomsticks and paddy. They also grow seasonal vegetables like peas, beans, leafy vegetables, radish and carrot. But, as mentioned earlier serious problems were faced in handling these crops having “TEA” as the only alternative. So, the co-operative was formed in the year 1997 in collaboration with Samabeong Tea Estate. This was done, to bring about awareness on sustainable co-operation and development in the region, creating a healthy environment and encourage a marketing co-operative. This has definitely helped to bring about a positive change in the social lives of the people. The co-operative, a collective initiative of 93 registered farmers is run by a group of democratically elected board membersfrom farmers. To date93 family farmers have registered their names with the co-operative and some more are pursuing for the membership. The area consists of private forest, streams fallow and agricultural land. Approximately, 59 hectares in total has already been planted in the area. Samabeong provides the farmers with the facility for processing – makes arrangements for manufacturing the teas in the garden factory.

The farmers are given all kind of supports- moral and practical -by the management of TPI Samabeong. Tea nurseries were started at the sites to support the progressive interests of the small farmers. An office space for discussing matters such as technical know-how, work plans and general awareness has been provided in the garden office compound.

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